This post summarizes the various aspects of "end time" biblical prophecies.
“See, the former things have taken place,
and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” (Isaiah 42:9)
According to the Bible, the Messyah's return will be announced by various signs, let's read and treasure these prophecies "...because the time is near". 1. Apostasy. False Xhristos and false prophets shall arise (Matthew 24:4,5), (Matthew 24:11,12), (1 Timothy 4:2). Several self-appointed "Christian" congregations have hosted and still host to this day a number of leaders/prophets who have changed the fundamental doctrines, thus preaching a different gospel inspired by their false visions (2 Corinthians 11:4 and Galatians 1:6,7). An astounding number of sects assemble all over the world around prophets who declare themselves to be "sent by God" and preach a mixture of pagan philosophies and cults, using the very words of the Bible to support their ‘nwo’ gospel. The love of most will grow cold (Matthew 24:11,12). The time immediately before Yahushua the Messyah's return will be marked by a dwindling of faith (Luke 18:8), caused by the lust for material prosperity which seduces mankind, by violence, wars, and the scandals involving religious men. As a matter of fact, in the past few years most congregations have been complaining about a widespread vocational crisis and the ever decreasing number of the faithful. 2. Wars. The end times will be marked by the spreading and growing frequency of conflicts (Matthew 24:6,7). The last war will be a universal and deadly war (Revelation 16:14). We are already accustomed to seeing armies from all over the world intervening in war scenes both under UN guidance and under their own governments' mandate; soldiers of all nationalities take part in conflicts in other countries. 3. Famines, Earthquakes and Epidemics. Every year, famines strike many countries in the world, especially in the African continent. In the past decades, climate changes have worsened this situation, and even Europe is now paying the toll of a disastrous alternation between draughts and torrential rains. What about the future? (Matthew 24:7 and Revelation 6:5,6). Earthquakes will increase in number and grow stronger. (Luke 21:11 and Revelation 16:18-21). In the past century, heartquakes have claimed more than 800.000 lives. In 1918, a deadly epidemic took a toll of about 18 million victims worldwide, which overruns the five year death toll of World War One. A great pandemic and a great conflict will simultaneously strike the earth (Luke 21:11 and (Revelation 6:8). 4. Religious persecutions. According to the prophecies, Bible believers will be harshly persecuted because of the aversion and the bitter PROPAGANDA devised and guided by the false prophet and the NWO government (Matthew 24:8-10 and Revelation 6:9-1). It is a well known fact that the Jews have been severely persecuted in the past centuries and today we still witness many instances of anti-semitism. Christianity too has been harshly repressed in many countries: the end times will spread this phenomena to the Western world (Revelation 20:4). 5. The Gospel shall be proclaimed all over the world. The Gospel has by now reached the ends of the earth according to the Messyah's command. It has been announced to the people with all means and with the aid of modern technology. Even the countries which used to oppose the spreading of Yahuweh's word have by now given up their resistance, so this prophecy is nearing its final accomplishment. The Gospel is not supposed to be announced to all the people in order to achieve a global conversion, as many believe, but " a testimony to all nations" (Matthew 24:14), (Matthew 13:10), (Romans 11:25). 6. Israel's return to Palestine. Against all odds, as foretold by biblical prophecies (Zachary 10:8-10), the Jews return to Palestine after the Second World War. Over the past few decades, they have fought and beaten all the enemies who wanted to destroy the State of Israel. Israel will be the core of world events until the end, when Yahushua Ha Mashyach will come back to fight personally against the NWO (Matthew 24:15,16 and Zachary 14:3-5). In the next years, the land of Israel will be in every respect the pivoting point of prophetic events. 7. Signs and wonders in the sky. These things have just begun to happen, and the foretold signs will be unmistakable and terrifying (Matthew 24:29,30), (Luke 21:25,26), (Mark 13:24). 8. They will say ‘Peace and security’. After a time of global economic crisis, great conflicts, endemic poverty and epidemics, a leader or a very powerful global leadership shall announce a NEW ERA OF PEACE and global prosperity, but this will be a very short-lived period which will mark the beginning of tribulations until the real end of this world system (1 Thessalonians 5:1-3). 9. The reign of the Anti Messyah. The Anti Messyah will be a single leader or a global political leadership who will rise to power and will guide a confederation of states, will accomplish world peace, will be acclaimed all over the world, and will abruptly and ruinously end its career after having risen and declared itself God over the whole world (2 Thessalonians 2:3,4), (Daniel 7:24-26), (Daniel 8:23-25), (Daniel 9:27). This brief essay doesn't claim to deal in depth with such a deep and complex topic; its aim is to draft an overall picture of CURRENT and upcoming events. Several times in history many believers have waited in vain for the Messyah's return: that was because they considered only some of the signs, without understanding that all these events must first GROW WORSE and then "HAPPEN SIMULTANEOUSLY". There have also been many false prophets who have tried to set dates, leading many astray and bringing the Truth of the Creator's Word into disrepute, but that had also been foretold (Matthew 24:36), (Mark 13:32) e (2 Peter 3:3,4).